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Your abandoned creatures

for Argentinian Embassy in Berlin

Recurso 18.png

There is no need to make the reactionary explicit, and the work of Nicolás Gómez Cagnoni
 not only demonstrates this, but also enhances it, inciting the spectator to suffer - and remember - 
reactions contained by the daily oppression of the imperative systems. 
Whether it is through violent and sharp strokes, explosive handling of color,
 overwhelming dimensions or stains as traces of fury, the exhibition proposes an encounter 
- rather solitary - with the deepest animality of our instinct. 

Through the works on display, we travel through states of loneliness, 
delirium, madness, and anger in a worldly context that demands a struggle
 -almost always useless- for perfect adaptation. 
The hardened and overwhelming character of the creatures engendered
 allows us to discover a captivating duality between the ugly and the beautiful
 where the most miserable internal issues of being are represented
 as horrible beasts and at the same time rise up as modern forms of beauty. 


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