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AROLAB organic is the first brand of premium eco-vegan cosmetics with philanthropic ideas. Its creator is Luca Lancini, an Italian architect (now in Barcelona) expert in sustainability who worked to generate a luxury product that respects the environment, creating value in society and loving all other forms of life.


This line of high end skin care products was developed starting from the premise that there is no beauty if it comes from the suffering of others and that, as being part of nature, there is nothing more powerful and effective for our health than the natural ingredients themselves.

“In the same way that I have always believed and still believe that architecture must be integrated with the environment, my lifestyle has evolved to be more consistent and more aligned with my beliefs. I started saving water by using faucets with timers and ended up discovering that, betting on a vegan lifestyle, I could save a thousand times more resources”


“We are part of nature, so I doubt that there is something more powerful and effective for our health than the natural ingredients that the environment offers us. The secret is to seek the highest quality of raw materials and respect their properties in the different processes, from planting, harvesting, and even the way they are handled.” – Luca Lancini


“We need to redefine the concept of luxury as that product or service that provides a value that exceeds its physical characteristics or its symbolic exclusivity. True luxury cannot respond only to the interests of its customers and producers, but must consider society, the environment and all other life forms.”


“Each person is different, each season is different, each skin needs different care at all times. Finally, it is cosmetics that adapts to our needs and not vice versa. Always putting on the same cream is as if we always ate the same foods and expected them to respond to our food needs. The skin is the biggest organ of the body. It is the barrier that delineates the exterior to our inner self. It has a vital function for the body and everything it absorbs ends up circulating through our body. Hence the importance, from my point of view, in using the maximum of natural and organic products.”

To guarantee the quality, the freshness of the ingredients and to be able to choose only the best crops, AROLAB Organic, produces respecting the cycle of seasons and limits each production to a few hundred units, which in addition to being numbered, are sent with a letter written and signed by the author himself.


The entire line of AROLAB Organic is produced, packaged, and wrapped by hand in Barcelona and is one of the few cosmetic lines that can boast of 100% hand-made production in Europe.

To compensate for the environmental impact of production, the company plants a tree for each unit produced, in addition to investing in projects for the protection of people and animals.

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